We aims to support your company in achieving your goals by providing timely reminder for vehicle services and maintenance support.

Effective maintenance and repair facilities will  identified for all vehicles to avoid losing the benefit of your transport capabilities.

  • Full range of ready auto parts.
  • Fast and hustle-free car repair services.
  • Towing and onsite troubleshooting.
  • Fixed quotation provided. Photo/video taken for the parts that need to repair.
  • Customized reminder, scheduled appointment for car maintenance.

our expertise

Fast Service

Effective maintenance and repair facilities will identified for all vehicles to avoid losing the benefit of your transport capabilities.


Affordable price for every customer that taking our service to repair their car and do not charge any unnecessary fare.

Customer Satisfication

Customers’ satisfaction with assurance and responsibility towards a co-creation eco-friendly environment


our services

Vehicle Inspection

We specialize in brake, tyre, light and belt inspection and repair.

Change oil

Free engine oil change after you purchase the oil from our store.

Spare Parts Selling

Numerous branded spare parts with affordable price and best quality imported from various country such as Japan and Germany.

Towing Service

We are providing island-wide 24hours towing service whenever you need us we are ready to serve you.


Ensure your pads, rotors, hoses and brake fluids are safe for driving.

Fleet maintenance

We are experienced in fleet maintenance by serving companies in F&B industry.

Air conditioner

Bring your vehicle down as we will do a complete air-con inspection and servicing for it.


We have different brands of batteries for your vehicle and we provide free battery test for each servicing.

Body repair

We specialize in vehicle body repairs, usually after an event of either a major or minor accident.

Scanning & Diagnostics

Our workers are trained in scanning and diagnosing any problems for modern cars that are computerized and inbuild with sensors.

Hybrid vehicle maintanence & repair

We are also specially trained to repair and maintain hybrid vehicles.

Hybrid battery replacement

We provide and do replacement for hybrid vehicle batteries.