Castrol GTX Engine Oil, Pack Size: 5 L


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  • Keeps your engine 50% cleaner than the industry standard
  • New generation Synthetic technology to help engine life
  • Castrol GTX is one of the world’s most trusted engine oils.
  • The modern world creates difficult challenges for engines.
  • Poor fuel quality, heat and tough driving conditions can all lead to sludge that potentially shortens engine life.
  • Sludge is a sticky deposit that build up in an engine?s vital oil-ways, restricting the flow of oil and preventing it from protecting the engine.
  • Castrol GTX ULTRACLEAN’S synthetic technology has superior performance. Its Double Action formula cleans away old sludge, and protects against new sludge formation, giving you more control over today’s challenging conditions.
  • Help extend the life of your engine with Castrol GTX ULTRACLEAN.


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