Fleet Maintenance

We are an independent car workshop specialised
in fleet maintenance and repair services. We are established in 1996, we constantly developed the skills, applied and evolved with the new technology on Asian and Continental vehicles. With the latest technology and state-of-the-art workshop facility, we make sure that our customers are in good hands with our dedicated team of specialists. We have excellent track records in Asian and Continental cars proved that our capabilities in extreme motor enhancements and
upgrades other than the conventional servicing and maintenance checks.


Challenges Facing?

We understand your challenges and we provide the solutions.
Vehicle Breakdown

We will be there for any vehicle problems and resolve them fast hence not influencing efficiency

Inconsistence Charge

We have fixed charges for all our services .

Extra Cost incurred

Our services are all provided by specially trained stuff without additional cost.

Branding Affected

By working with us you can ensure that your company’s branding will not be affected due to vehicle problems.

Decision Affected

Our services and price are value for money.

Time wasted

We will ensure that we are prompt in the maintenance and servicing of your vehicles hence cutting down on time wasted.


Why Fleet Maintenance is Important?

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Vehicle Management

Managing Your Vehicles 

  • End to end fleet management service.
  • Oversee the life of every one of your vehicles.
  • Minimize your spending, save time.
  • Free pick-up & Delivery.
  • Ensure your drivers are safe.
  • Build efficiencies into your systems.
  • Scanning and diagnostics.

Never Skip Your Schedule

  • Reduce downtime.
  • Control costs.
  • Meet compliance regulations.
  • Keep your vehicle move on for delivery through effective maintenance management.

Driver Management

Managing Your Drivers

  • Business success depends on driver.
  • Keeping your business moving on.
  • Generate reminders to driver about the allocating vehicle downtime for maintenance.
  • Driver vehicle’s condition report.


Managing Your Drivers

  • Business Success depends on driver
  • Keeping your business moving on
  • Generate reminders to driver about the allocating vehicle downtime for maintanence
  • Driver vehicle’s condition report

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