Tire changing

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HOW TO CHANGE TIRES 1. FIND A SAFE LOCATION Make sure car park at a flat ground 2. TURN ON YOUR HAZARD LIGHTS Your hazard lights or “flashers” will help other drivers see you on the side of the road. To avoid an accident, turn them on as soon as you realize you need to pull over. 3. PLACE YOUR VEHICLE WARNING TRIANGLE 2-3m from the vehicle and secure the… Read More »Tire changing

How to Inspect Your Car

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WAYS TO INSPECT AND MAINTAIN YOUR CAR   1)Inspect your vehicle service milage 2)  Do engine oil service on a schedule 3)Replace air filter and cabin filter if needed 4)  Inspect all the fluids like brake, power steering, auto transmission fluid 5)  Inspect your coolant level at the maximum point 6)Examine the engine belt and the coolant hose 7)  Always pay attention to all the weird noises 8)  Feel the… Read More »How to Inspect Your Car